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Shipping & Delivery
Where do you ship to?
We ship all over India, so wherever your location is, we deliver your books to any delivery address you put in the order forms.
What are Blue dart couriers?
With Blue Dart couriers, packages are handled & shipped normally and travel by truck
At what time does Blue dart/DHL Express deliver the package?
Blue dart/DHL Express generally delivers during office hours, so you might consider providing a business address as delivery address. Of course, you are free to put a residential address in the order forms. As long as someone is present to sign for receipt, there is no problem.
How long does it take for the shipment to arrive?
There are 4 time periods you need to consider:
  • Scheduled delivery time: When an office representative confirms your order, your order status changes and your Blue Dart tracking number shows in your personal account. Additionally, you receive an email from Blue Dart on behalf of Handwriting Course Online indicating scheduled delivery time.
  • Handling time: Scheduled delivery time does not include handling time. Handling time is the time needed for warehouse representatives to process your order, pick and pack your ordered books, and hand over your package to Blue Dart. Maximum handling time equals 16 business hours for DHL Express and 24 business hours for Blue Dart. Handling time does not include Friday afternoons, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
  • Maximum delivery time: This is the sum of scheduled delivery time and maximum handling time. Your package is expected to arrive sometime between scheduled delivery time and maximum delivery time.
  • Rescheduled delivery time: Once the package is travelling within the Blue Dart network, a rescheduled delivery time shows on Blue Dart’s website. Rescheduled delivery time takes into account handling time and any factors (exceptions) possibly delaying the shipment (like bad weather conditions, customs issues, remote delivery locations, public strikes, incorrect or incomplete address information, etc). Theoretically, rescheduled delivery time is the exact time that your package will be delivered on the condition that someone is present to sign for receipt. Rescheduled delivery time updates further after every delivery attempt failure or exception..
How come there is no tracking detail given on Blue Dart website?
As long as the package is not travelling within the Blue Dart network there is no tracking detail shown on Blue Dart website. If no tracking detail shows after maximum delivery time (scheduled delivery time + maximum handling time), please contact us and we will check with the warehouse what is delaying the shipment. Please note that Friday afternoons, weekends and public holidays are not included in handling time.
Which factors can possibly delay my shipment?
The most important factors that can delay a shipment are:
  • The most important factors that can delay a shipment are:
  • customs issues (for non-EU shipments)
  • public strikes
  • remote delivery locations
  • incorrect or incomplete address information
If any of the first four factors apply, please excuse the inconvenience. These factors are totally out of our control and require patience. If the fifth factor applies, please go to the next question.
Can I make an address correction?
Handwriting Course Online are invoiced an INR extra charge for any address correction. We close an eye on the extra charge if you take own action to inform Blue Dart about an address correction or any other information required by Blue Dart to have your package delivered. Go to, search for the customer service phone number, mention you’re tracking number to the Blue Dart representative for shipment identification and provide all necessary information that Blue dart needs to know.
Does Blue Dart deliver to neighbors?
Blue Dart has the right to deliver to a third party (like neighbors, receptions, lobbies, caretakers, janitors, etc.) in case your given delivery name is not present to sign for receipt at the given delivery address. Third party delivery is a contractual stipulation in Blue Dart general conditions. We understand that our product asks for discretion and as much as we would want to avoid third party delivery to protect our customers, the issue is completely out of our control. The only thing we can recommend is to track your order very closely and to make sure that you’re given delivery name is present to sign for receipt at (re)scheduled delivery time set by Blue Dart.
What if the package could not be delivered?
Blue Dart will try 3 times to have the package delivered. So, if you nobody was present to sign for receipt on the first delivery attempt, Blue Dart will come back and make a second or third delivery attempt on a different working day. Blue Dart will leave a message in your mailbox each time delivery failed. An email will also be sent to inform you about the delivery failure.
What happens if Blue Dart returns my package?
Your ordered books are returned to Handwriting Course Online if Blue Dart cannot deliver your package after 3 delivery attempts or as the result of incorrect/incomplete address information. Upon receipt of the return package, a credit equal to the value of the returned book is made to your personal account. Place a new order on our website and the credit processes automatically while checking out. An administrative fee of INR 400/- applies to refund requests.
Am I insured against loss, theft and damage?
Yes, you are. If we receive a notification from Blue Dart that your package was lost, stolen or damaged, we will send another package free of any charge and solve the problem internally with Blue dart. Insurance stops at the time the package is handed over to you.
Do I need to pay shipping costs?
No, we offer absolutely free shipping inside India
Can I pay cash on delivery (COD)?
We offer COD shipping. COD shipping is restricted to listed cities only.
Can my order be shipped by post?
Yes. Places where service of Blue dart is not available, the shipping will be through Indian speed post service. In such cases cash on delivery will not be available.