Improve your academic performance
through better handwriting

English Hand writing improvement course
Hand writing reflects your individuality, Improve your hand writing within 40 hours. Handwriting Improvement Course is specially designed to help you for improve and develop handwriting that is elegant and beautiful. Global Academy is an institution that rooted for two decades of delivering quality education services in India. Our students have witness remarkable changes in their handwriting made this course most enquired one by others.

The course includes 3 module and video tutorial. Tutorial will be explaining the different proven methods to improve your hand writing. We are focusing on running letter method which will guide you to make your written letters look precise and legible. It is designed very simple and easy to follow by anyone, just spend 40 hours to make the remarkable change. Experiencing the changes will make your jaw drop. In this course, we’re going to cover how to balance the structure, size, composition and inclination of the letters in cursive, as well as all lowercase and uppercase letters. This course gives you the basics of good handwriting and you will fall in love with writing in this new style. Since this is a class for handwriting practice, we won’t persist on being 100% accurate. We want you to feel comfortable while using this cursive style in daily life. So we’ll start by going over the component Strokes and the rules, and then we go on practicing individual letters, and writing words and phrases. We guarantee 100% result if we fail in keeping it up, we will replay the fees you paid.
  • We are breaking the conventional method of improving hand writing using four line or Two line book.
  • Using proven scientific calligraphic method to improve the legibility of your hand writing.
  • Minimum course duration is 40 Hours for English writing practice.
  • No age limit for the interested candidates.
  • Money Back Guaranteed.
  • Video tutorial is provided to get a clear idea on this proven method.
  • We realized just correcting the Handwriting will never improve the style you need to correct some basic posture like Sitting, Holding pen and paper.
  • Practice at your own pace and time.
  • Improve career prospects
  • Enhance personality and image
Who this course is for
  • people who want to learn cursive handwriting
  • People who want to improve or refresh their cursive style.
  • If it’s for your kids then 40 hours is as:
    1. Lower primary school students –half an hour/day
    2. Upper Primary school students – one hour/day
    3. High School students - two hours/day
    4. If you have a strong desire to attain then you can undergo it as a Crash course for ten days.
An improved Handwriting ensures that the person
  • Has self recognition & self satisfaction
  • 2) Raise confidence level
  • 3) Add value to their personality
  • 4) Increase fine motor skills
  • 5) Get better scores in exams (10-15% improvement in marks) for students

There is no age limit for this course. Anybody who wants to improve their handwriting can join.
The schools, with so many subjects to teach do not give individual attention in this area. Teachers are not trained to handle such requirement. We use scientific techniques, where a person can work on their flaws in handwriting and work towards its improvement.
This program does not need instructors and can be practiced on your own. However we encourage parents and teachers to help guide the child to follow the program correctly.
Cursive handwriting naturally develops sensory skills. Through repetition the child begins to understand how much force needs to be applied to the pencil and paper, the positioning of the pencil to paper at the correct angle, and motor planning to form each letter in fluid motion from left to right. The connectivity of a simple cursive style is faster to write than the stop and start strokes of printing. Speed has been shown to increase attention span during writing. Cursive writing is a fluid, pleasurable kinesthetic exercise that helps ground student's energies. Cursive can be particularly effective for students with Dyslexia or Dysgraphia. It can also aid in preventing the reversal and inversion of letters.
It depends on the person who is practicing. However, the course can be completed in 40 hours.
It depends on the person who is practicing. Each lesson can be completed in an hour.
It is always better to follow the instructions promptly to achieve the purpose of the program.
Yes. You will be given instructions on improving pencil grip and body postures
This program has been tried and tested on thousands of individuals with 100% guaranteed success. If, in case there is no improvement in the handwriting, we refund you the full amount of the fees paid.
The package contains three books and Video Tutorial.
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  • If he handwriting is not improved even after the completion of this course, you can return the product and apply for refund. Ensure that your return fulfills all the following conditions: - - Your return shipment must be sent within 15 days of receipt of your order. - Returned product must be in the same packaging as it was when delivered. - A separate carton must be used for your return shipment. We recommend using our original carton for returning your order.
  • Upon receipt of your return shipment, 24 business hours need to be considered for warehouse people to process your return.
  • During processing, a warehouse representative checks if all return conditions are fulfilled.
  • If successful, the warehouse representative activates your refund request in our system.
  • An email is sent to you to confirm that your return was processed and that a refund is ready to be made.
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