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Graphology/Handwriting Analysis Program
In a world where effective communication is critical to succeed in all spheres of life, the need for having an understanding of human nature and character has grown immensely. People are different by character. Every person is unique in terms of their attitude, behavior and overall nature. It is scientifically proven that one’s handwriting is one of the best measures for gauging a person’s character and personality.

Your handwriting is a type of mental photograph of your inner processes. It is the written externalization of the vibrant activity going on inside you. Written movements recorded on paper are similar to a cardiogram that describes the condition of the heart. The innumerable strokes and patterns of a person’s handwriting reveal their thought patterns, behavior and a glimpse into their subconscious mind.

Not long ago years ago, handwriting analysis also known as graphology, was restricted to forensic labs. In today’s modern business world, several corporate firms seek the services of handwriting analysts to understand the personality traits of their job candidates.

The Scope of a Handwriting Analysis (Graphology) Course.
Personal Insight
Knowledge of handwriting styles helps to understand one’s own personality and nature.
Human Behavior
Gain a deeper understanding as to why people behave and respond the way they do.
Improve Relationships:
With the knowledge of graphology, we can improve our relationships in our personal and professional lives.
Professional Careers
  • Corporate Industries / Consultant Services require the services of a graphologist for selecting the right job candidates. Graphologists are able to judge and determine the personality traits, aptitude and abilities of the prospective employees.
  • Forensics departments employ the services of graphologists who can detect forgery, fraud and solve criminal cases, by analyzing suspects’ handwriting samples.
  • Court and police departments seek the services of graphologists to make a character analyses on samples of handwriting found at crime scenes. In legal matters, graphologists are in demand for authentication of any handwriting on questionable document such as cheques, wills and other legal documents.
  • Schools and Colleges also seek the assistance of graphologists in evaluating and helping students with a variety of psychological needs and problems. They can offer their services to parents too by providing them with insights into the personalities of their children.
  • Career Guidance Centers also employ the services of graphologists to help people to make the right career choices and give additional inputs for self improvement.
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