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Why an Online Handwriting Course?
In our formative years we have been trained by traditional methods to form a handwriting that is acceptable as per academic standards. Such traditional methods included the use of two ruled and four ruled books. Later as we graduate to single ruled and blank note books our handwritings tended to evolve with a mind of their own. A survey conducted with over ten thousand participants had revealed the following facts about the importance of a good handwriting:

  • 60 % of respondents in the age group 15 to 45 were found to be reluctant to write before others because of their bad handwriting. They keep away or ask others to write for them.
  • 98% of the respondents assessed a person based on his or her hand writing. Those with good hand writing were perceived to be professionally qualified and educated persons.
  • 98.5 % of the respondents were not confident of their hand writing and wished to improve their hand writing.
  • Academically sound students were found to lose marks due to their poor handwritings.
Another experiment was conducted where the exact same answer for a question worth 20 marks was given in three different hand writings. The answer script with the good hand writing was awarded with an average of 18 marks, the one in normal hand writing was awarded with an average of 12 marks and the one with the worst hand writing was awarded with an average mark of 6. So for the same answer, three different answer scripts got different marks. The one with the good handwriting getting the highest of the three,
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