Improve your academic performance
through better handwriting
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Malayalam Handwriting Improvement Course
( Package Include 3 Books )
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HIC 002
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  • Minimum effort-Great reward
  • Anyone can join
  • Improvement in just hours
  • No age bar
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Flexible time for all
  • Money back guarantee
  • Regular / Postal Course
Product Description
Handwriting Improvement Course is specially designed to help you for improve and develop handwriting that is elegant and beautiful. Global Academy is an institution that rooted for two decades of delivering quality education services in India. Our students have witness remarkable changes in their handwriting made this course most enquired one by others.

The course includes 3 modules. It is designed very simple and easy to follow by anyone, just spend 45 hours to make the remarkable change. This course gives you the basics of good handwriting and you will fall in love with writing in this new style. Since this is a class for handwriting practice, we won’t persist on being 100% accurate. We want you to feel comfortable while using this stylish method in daily life. So we’ll start by going over the component Strokes and the rules, and then we go on practicing individual letters, and writing words and phrases. We guarantee 100% result if we fail in keeping it up, we will repay the fees you paid.
All those who wish to improve their handwriting can use this course and there is no age limit for those wanting to take this course.