Improve your academic performance
through better handwriting

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Handwriting Improvement Course
( Package Include 3Books + 1 CD )
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  • Minimum effort-Great reward
  • Anyone can join
  • Improvement in just hours
  • No age bar
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Flexible time for all
  • Money back guarantee
  • Regular / Postal Course
Product Description
The online handwriting course is a scientifically proven training course to improve the English, Hindi and Malayalam hand writing skills of the user. Ranging from a period of 2 to 25 days based on the individual’s level of skill, the course will ensure that the user will have a beautiful and impact creating handwriting at the end of the prescribed course.

The training course is categorized in to three modules. In the first module, the candidate will be trained in writing the alphabets in the appropriate structure, size and inclination. The second module focuses on training in writing words. The third module gives training in writing sentences. The three modules are spread over 36 lessons. Each lesson can be completed in an hour. So the modules can be completed in 36 hours and an additional four hours of practice are included so that the user can hone his skills. The course material consists of a twin CD pack and a manual that can be bought online and the user can use these materials to adhere to the course plan. All the lessons in the course have been incorporated in such a manner that the user will be engaged on a continuous basis.
All those who wish to improve their handwriting can use this course and there is no age limit for those wanting to take this course.