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Introduction to Graphology

Posted on 21/04/2018

The common parlance of the land promotes the relevance of palmistry as a tool to assess and understand the personality traits, characteristics and even the future of an individual. Modern science, though does not completely confirm the vitality of palmistry as a future telling tool, it considers handwriting as one of the key factors that can be used to identify one’s personality traits and characteristics. Handwriting indeed is an identifying tool of the individuality of a person! Despite the prolific onset of the internet and information technology in which people depend on digital signature even to make big business deals, the role of handwriting is critical because of its significance as a personality assessment tool. This way of studying about the features and specialties of handwriting in order to infer the character of a person is known as graphology.

Definition of graphology

Scientifically, Graphology is defined as the technical analysis of the physical characteristics and patterns of handwriting in order to identify the psychological behavior of the writer. It is believed that the handwriting of a person holds the capacity to indicate the psychological state of the writer at the time of writing. This can be explained in a practical way. A person when write in a very happy and relaxed mood and when he or she is not that conscious about their script, the outcome will be a normal writing, whereas if the person is very stressed and worried about his future, the output will be very different. The third possibility is a pragmatic possibility wherein a conscious person about his or her writing may give a better script even though he or she is stressed. This possibility of having the option of a good handwriting even in the stressed mental state is the basis of all handwriting improvement programs.

Why to improve handwriting?

Human beings wear clothes in order to prevent the private parts of his or her body from getting exposed. Similarly, private and secret areas are there in the human behavior as well as psychological processes of human beings. These secret attributes get exposed by the verbal communication, body language and other such output techniques. Handwriting is one such output technique, that will expose the real characteristic of a human being. Usually, a person while growing get groomed by the society to give a proper shape to the behavior and that process is known as socialization. Our verbal communication and body language get polished by these grooming of socialization. Similarly handwriting also should be improved to make it competent to hide the secret traits of a person’s character. Graphology is all about it.