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Significance of good handwriting

Posted on 07/04/2018

With the advent of technology, many enthusiasts dreamed about a world where manual writing skills loses its fame as in the case of other soft skills. They imagined a time that will give exclusivity to the computer scripted data. They also professed that the popularity of free online information resources will hinder the growth of printed newspaper and magazines. Unfortunately, the foretold stories about manual writing remained imagination and handwriting still has the relevance in almost all walks of human life. Gone are the days in which people tried to deny its significance and now the pattern of handwriting is even used for analyzing the personality traits of an individual.

Many of the world class universities and multi national companies made hand written application format or admission essay a pre-requisite for students and candidates to get entry to the university program or a suitable employment. In our scenario, from kindergarten to doctorate levels, term end examinations and other academic assignments ought to be written manually. This compulsion demands the students to have a legible and beautiful handwriting that can attract the eyes of your readers. Having an illegible handwriting can land the writer to
the misfortune of miscommunication as well.

Having an excellent handwriting is not a rocket science for those who commit themselves for a regular practice. Passionate attempt along with a mentor is the key to have a great cursive style. One needs not go in search of your mentor in order to gift your fingers with the most beautiful script of cursive style, you can depend on good script books and copy books instead.
There are great resources available in the market, that can bless you with amazing results.
There are certain brands that even offer you with cash back schemes if you could not improve your hand writing within the assured time.

Start working on the improvement of your handwriting from today itself. Your mission is not unapproachable if you have the right orientation. Let others envy for your legible handwriting. Let the handwriting analysts understand how good you are when you get considered for a suitable opportunity.