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Handwriting – Why it Matters

Posted on 14/03/2018

Everybody likes a good handwriting. It is one of the skills that we tend to acquire as we go through the ages as a child and then on to adulthood. Some people tend to have what one might call a visually pleasing handwriting. Others may have a handwriting that is barely legible to the writer himself. Needless to say a good handwriting creates a very good impression about the writer. Attitudes are formed and opinions are made. It can be critical for those seeking to get ahead in their careers. Here are some reasons why improving one’s handwriting is of vital importance.

Develop Creativity

As the art of writing facilitates us to be allows us to be imaginative and creative. A good handwriting fosters creativity.
Enhances Critical Thinking Skills –
When one writes, one utilizes one’s critical thinking skills. The process of gathering information, analyzing, observing, or reflecting to create a piece of writing is one that requires a lot of mental cognition and processing. Learning how to form one’s thoughts and writing them down in sentences is a complex skill.

Builds Self-Confidence

A person with a good handwriting possesses a high level of self-confidence. Such a person tends to excel in academics and can express himself through writing. The self confidence derived from having a good handwriting helps one to also involve oneself and interact better

Better Reading Skills

Writing and reading go hand-in-hand. People who practice writing helps one to learn vocabulary words, sentence structure, spelling, and story structure, which will result in building stronger reading skills
Better Academic Performance

Research has shown that there is a positive correlation between better handwriting skills and increased academic performance for students. A study published in the Journal of Early Childhood Education and Development which involved 1,000 students from the pre kindergarten level and then later in second grade. It was seen that pre-K students with good fine motor skills—from handwriting instruction and practice—outperform the other students academically.